curated by Patrick Greaney

Thursday, March 26 through Saturday March 28, 1-4pm (Pacific Standard Time), 17-20hs (horario en Buenos Aires)

In three writing sessions during the &Now Festival, Guido Ignatti composed a text about contemporary art. He was alone in a room on the CalArts campus with only a typewriter, some paper, a pencil, and one bottle of wine per session. After the third writing session, on the final day of the festival, Ignatti framed the typescript and hung it in the CalArts Main Gallery.
Ignatti’s performance makes visible the process of conceiving ideas and putting thoughts to paper while isolated from many of the apparatuses and functions that determine writing today. He went without the Internet, his computer, and Control+Z. Since this was the first time Ignatti used a typewriter, the performance was just as much about his physical interaction with the device as it was about his intellectual work.

Ignatti’s site-specific performance evokes CalArts’ long history of fostering experimental artistic and literary practices. The performance was streamed online, and it was visible to spectators who peeked through the gaps in the Venetian blinds covering the room’s large windows. “Un texto sobre arte contemporáneo” is a multi-part work that includes the performance, the framed text, a photograph of the typewriter, and a video of screen shots sent in by spectators.

&NOW 2015
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